Guard Spawner
Type Spawner
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 1
Rarity Common
Tooltip Spawn your very own guard!
Sell Value 300 Pixels
Crafted With 2500 x Pixels

20 x Steel Bar

Crafted At Metalwork Station

The Guard Spawner is an item that spawns a single guard NPC (one that shoots/attacks enemies on sight) when placed. For it to work, place it and all of the players have to leave the planet/ship for them to spawn when they get back. Guards spawned in this way can be of any race.

The guard seems to wander off quite easy (if a mob gets their attention and then wanders off they will follow it. This might result in them getting stuck in a pit or killed by a group of mobs).

Spawned guards will usually say kind things about the player, often referring to them as their boss.


Prior to v. Offended Koala, aggravating nearby guards (e.g. attacking them/refusing to sheath your weapon when told), would cause manually spawned guards to turn against the player and side with the enemies. When this happened, they were permanently hostile to the player. After the update, guards the player spawns now fight any hostiles who attack the player, and will not side with NPC guards.

Problems Edit

Problems with NPC Guards are that you can not remove them. The result is simple, go to the closest planet with lava and take a good amount, then while staying away, pour it right above them. The Lava should kill them and will go away in minutes.

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