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This article contains information about content that has yet to be officially released, but has been shown via official means. Some of the information may change upon official release.


Hoverbikes are a type of vehicle that will aid the player with transportation. They are fast flying bikes; they will look different for each race. The hoverbikes do not cost energy and are found the same way you find a mech (in chests).

As of the "Glad Giraffe" update. Hoverbikes are available for purchase at the outpost. Several colors are available. The least expensive, khaki, costs 11,000 pixels. Upon purchase, the player will receive an item which, when held, will show the outline of the bike so that the player may deploy the bike in a suitable location. Once summoned, approaching the bike and 'using' it, as with any other interactable object, will mount the bike. Pressing 'E' will dismount.

The player may jump while on the bike.

There is one minor glitch noticed thus far. Falling off of a landmass, such as the outpost, will not cause the player to die as long as they remain mounted on the bike.