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Human Spawner
Human spawner
Type Spawner
Race (?) Human
Rarity Common
Tooltip Spawn your very own human villager!
Sell Value 300 Pixels
Crafted With Makes 1
750 x Pixels
20 x Steel Bars
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Metalwork Station

The Human Spawner is an item that is used to spawn Human NPCs.

When placed correctly, the Human Spawner will spawn a single Human NPC that will function like any naturally found NPC in game. This NPC only appears after all players have left the planet or ship it was placed upon. It will respond to the player and events (such as monster attacks) as normal. Human NPCs can also plant seeds (When seen holding a stone hoe ) that depend on the planet's plants.

Upon creation of a Human NPC the Human Spawner will be destroyed, so it requires several of them to properly populate (or re-populate) a village. Note that spawners for other NPC species are also available for species who are not humans: these will replace the human spawner as a crafting option and will spawn an NPC of the player's race, but otherwise function identically.

This item is similar to the Guard Spawner, which will spawn an armed NPC that will attack monsters.

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