Hunting Bow
Huntingbow infobox
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Ranged Weapon
Rarity Common
Tooltip Harvests meat and other goods from monsters.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Crafted With Makes 1
30 x Wood Planks
10 x Plant Fibre
Crafted At Wooden Crafting Table
Iron Crafting Table
Robotic Crafting Table

The Hunting Bow is a ranged weapon that causes meat and leather to have a higher chance of dropping from monsters killed with it.

The damage dealt depends on how long the shot is held before release. When the bow blinks, it does the most damage, leaving a trail of white particles and the arrows turning blue. Otherwise, if the bow is charged longer, the arrow will travel further, but will only deal standard damage.

The Hunting Bow has an unlimited amount of arrows, but it uses a small amount of the player's energy to fire shots.

The Hunting Bow has 4 frames and 2 kinds of arrows as shown in the gallery.

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