Impervium Compound
Impervium infobox
Type Material
Sub-Type Bar
Tooltip It's an impervium bar.
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 2 x Solarium Star 1 x Rubium Bar
Crafted At Particle Accelerator

Impervium Compounds are a metal bar that can be used for crafting endgame weapons and armor. It creates Impervium furniture and weapons, including all racial armors: Doom Lord's Armor (Glitch), Synthesizer's Armor (Floran), Raven's Armor (Avian), Usurper's Armor (Apex), Universalist's Armor (Human), Aphotic Armor (Hylotl), and Wrangler's Armor (Novakid).

Tip: 20 bars are required for most if not all Impervium armor sets as of Upbeat Giraffe

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