Instruments are items that can be used to play songs. The music played using instruments is in ABC notation, and it is possible to import new play-able music.

List of InstrumentsEdit

Name Image
Accordion Accordionicon
Acoustic Guitar Acousticguitaricon
Banjo Banjoicon
Bass Guitar Bassguitar
Clarinet Clarineticon
Drum Kit Drum
Electric Bass Guitar Electricbassguitaricon
Bone Xylophone Bonexylophoneicon
Flute Fluteicon
Hammered Dulcimer Guitar2icon
Harmonica Harmonicaicon
Harp Harpicon
Koto Guitar2icon
Lead Guitar Leadguitaricon
Microphone Microphone
Microphone (Female) Microphone
Music Box Keytarblueicon
Nylon Guitar Nylonguitaricon
Oboe Oboeicon
Ocarina Ocarinaicon
Overdrive Guitar Overdriveguitaricon
Piano Keytaricon
Reed Organ Keytargreen
Rock Organ Keytarredicon
Saxophone Saxophoneicon
Steel Drum Steeldrumicon
Trumpet Trumpet
Violin Violinicon

Bright Piano (same design as piano but orange/rust color)


Stringed instruments

Nylon Guitar · Acoustic Guitar · Harp · Hammered Dulcimer · Overdrive Guitar · Electric Bass Guitar · Koto · Lead Guitar · Banjo

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