Iron Axe
Iron Axe
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Axe
Race (?) Human
Swing Speed 1.25
Damage Per Swing 7
Rarity Uncommon
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With Iron Bar 10, Pixels 30
Crafted At Iron Anvil

An Iron Axe is a tier 1 human weapon. Its recipe is known by humans from the start of the game, while other races can learn it from a blueprint.

It is made from 30 pixels and 10 iron bars. It is crafted in an Iron Anvil or Metalwork Station. It attacks at a relatively slow rate (1.25) and does low damage (7 each swing), making it a pretty weak weapon.


  • Despite being an axe, it doesn't chop wood. This could make new players waste their iron and pixels on this weak weapon, only to find that it doesn't chop wood.

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