Iron Bar
Ironbar infobox
Type Material
Sub-Type Bar
Rarity Common
Tooltip It's an iron bar. Useful for crafting a bunch of stuff.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Crafted With 2 x Iron Ore
Crafted At Stone Furnace
Alloy Furnace
Magnetic Crucible

Iron Bars are bars smelted with two Iron Ores at a Furnace. They are used to craft various early-game items, including the Iron AnvilWeapons and each of the races' own Armor sets. They are a material used in the creation of Steel Bars.


Tier 1Edit

Race Armor set Axe Broadsword Dagger Hammer Shortsword Spear
Apex Defector's Armor Apax Apesticker Simisickle Thunderpunch Lil Apesticker The Prodder
Novakid Deputy's Armor
Avian Hatchling's Armor Tiny Tomahawk The Carver XL The Pecker Brick-on-a-Stick The Carver The Hatchling
Floran Sprout's Armor Choppy Thing Big




Smacker Slicer Poker
Glitch Knave's Armor
Human Scavenger's Armor Iron Axe Regular Broadsword Shanker Sledgehammer Regular Shortsword Basic Spear
Hylotl Puddle Armor

Tier 2Edit

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