Journal of a Mechanic 5 is a codex entry about the Avian race. It can be found in Large and Small Avian Bookcases, or other containers in Pirate Ships or Villages.

Entry Edit

I had to destroy my robot
today. Some meddling Hylotl
found her way to my workshop,
and for some reason this
turned my companion hostile. It
proceeded to patrol around the
ship, menacing Avians, until I
was able to shut it down a few
hours later. After retrieving the
power crystal, I threw my robot
I plan to make a larger, more
powerful robot, but it's going to 
require more power crystals. 
Perhaps with the right amount, 
I can give it enough intelligence
to stop it attacking people on
sight. Luckily the smuggler ship
will be docking with us again
later this evening, and I can
make another request.

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