Kluex Avatar is the 4th boss in Starbound's main story and is located at the end of the Great Sovereign Temple mission after locating all Avian clues. It appears to be a bird like structure with its limbs detached from the body. It has two phases, the first phase is its immobile phase, so it can't move towards you.

Depending on what type of weapon you like to use: long range or close combat, for some this boss will prove to be difficult at times. Below is a list of strategies that could help you for the fight!

Strategy 1:

Close Combat: No matter what type of weapon you choose to fight this boss with, always bring a large amount of healing items e.g. Red stimpack, medical kit or whatever you can find, before entering the arena use your red stimpack ( if you have one with you, use any other stimpacks) it's best if you use a weapon that has either a high damage output or attacks at a rapid speed. To improve health, bring and eat a Shepherd's Pie. Always be prepared for the last attack in the attack pattern ( shown below ) it is advised that you do not jump to attack as you could miss the jump back to the original platform and take massive damage from the lava.

Strategy 2:

Ranged Combat: Choosing to fight this boss from a distance is the easiest option to fighting this boss, although you still need to be careful in this fight. The attack you need to watch out for is his laser attack as they can travel at unpredictable speeds. Like the other strategy it would be advised that you have good armour and plenty of healing items for the fight. Try a weapon that has a high damage output or a weapon that attacks at a high rate.


Phase 1:

Laser: Red orbs spawn around the avatar and shoot lasers at the player, shooting at a high speed. (Glows red)

Stalagmite: Two crystals spawn around the map, they have a small delay when they rise so you can dodge them. (Glows blue)

Lava: Two pillars will spawn on the left and right hand side of the boss, shortly after lava will rise. (Glows orange)

Phase 2:

Lasers: Flies around the arena spawning little red orbs that shoot lasers, firing at a fast speed, to avoid this players can run around the room. (Glows red)

Stalagmite: Like the attack in phase 1 however many more crystals will spawn, crystals take a few moments to rise, giving the player a chance to find a safe spot. (Glows blue)

Energy Blast: Flies towards the centre of the arena (towards the ground) and pulls the player towards it, while doing so the core will spin, deals damage on contact, to avoid these two attacks stay in the any corner in the room. It also fires small waves of energy across the ground, to avoid this simply jump over them. (Glows light red)

Lava: Flies towards the centre of the arena, four pillars will rise from the ground, players will have to jump on one before the lava rises and damages them, the avatar will then proceed to go to random pillars and shoot down the pillars making them crumble in the process, there is a small delay before it shoots its laser, allowing for a quick escape. (Glows orange)


Kluex Staff (10% drop rate)

Kluex Avatar Figurine (5% drop rate)

Boss ID: kluexboss

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