Lava infobox
Type Block
Sub-Type Liquid
Placeable Yes
Rarity Common
Tooltip A measure of bubbling, searing lava.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
This item cannot be crafted.

Lava is a dangerous, red liquid that is usually found deep inside a planet, but can also be found closer to the surface in magma biomes and crystal minibiomes. Lava can be collected with a sufficiently upgraded Matter Manipulator.

If a player, NPC, or monster comes in contact with lava, they will be inflicted with the melting status effect , which is similar to fire but deals 100 every two seconds. This is far faster than a player can heal with a regeneration effect, and merely touching lava is very likely to be fatal for most players.

When the player is close to the depth limit of a planet, they will encounter a large layer of lava across the entire planet. This lava cannot be extinguished with water but can be replaced by blocks. It is basically the molten core of the planet and if ventured into will simply lead to an impassable wall.

Dealing with lavaEdit

Since lava is such a hazardous substance, it is of utmost importance that players avoid falling in it. Below are some tips for avoiding being reduced to a superheated puddle:

  • A deep red glow is characteristic of the presence of lava.
  • Do not take 'leaps of faith' when you cannot see the bottom - even if you don't fall in lava, you will take fall damage which will make you more likely to die if you do fall in lava.
  • Be extremely careful where you step. The dirt is often irritatingly similarly colored to lava, and since lava can spawn as one-block wide puddles you may not notice until you are already melting. This tip also applies to poison water.
  • If lava is encountered, it can usually be covered over with blocks, like any other fluid in Starbound. Doing so will provide a safe bridge to any valuables that can be found near the lava.
  • If fighting a mob or other hostile, never put yourself in a position where a hit could knock you into the lava. Conversely, try to force the opponent into the lava if you are not interested in harvesting its drops.
  • Don't mine out that iron seam that is the only thing preventing a lake superior of lava from flooding your mineshaft.
  • Lava from the core cannot be turned into obsidian by using water


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