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Each race (and possibly pre-made creatures) will have its own unique Lore. As of now, the most that is known about almost all of the races is a few details or an incomplete back story.

As more is revealed, Lore for the individual races will be added below.

The ApexEdit

A highly advanced, militant collectivist and authoritarian regime of Apes. The Apex were once very similar looking to the Humans. However, the Apex society as a whole underwent a process known as the Vestigi-Evo Process (VEP) and devolved physically to apes but advanced intellectually. The Apex are ruled by a figure of extremely high authority who goes by the name of 'Big Ape'. The Apex have spread across the stars primarily by settling various research facilities on many planets, but most, if not all, of the research facilities are abandoned but a few highly-paranoid guards and in some cases victims of the feared 'Ape Flu' are to be found. Steer clear of infected Apes under any circumstances, and it is highly recommended that none other than any MiniKnog Officials enter the facilities, or risk the death penalty.

The Apex are at the cutting edge of modern technology, with one of the main focuses of their society being the pursuit of greater technological advances.

The AviansEdit

A society of bird people, Avians are a highly religious race who worship their deified progenitor Kluex. Thousands of years prior, a race of advanced beings, called the Sunborn, took pity on the dying vestiges of the underdeveloped Avian population, took several members and gifted them with advanced knowledge. Among those chosen was an Avian named Kluex who went forward to create the mighty civilization that survives to this day. 

The Avians use a combination of rudimentary tools and their more modern technology to create fearsome weapons and equipment, however their progress is all owed to the unknown alien race.

The FloranEdit

A young race of sentient humanoid plants that are surprisingly highly aggressive and cannibalistic in nature, the Floran are masters of salvaging captured technology and use that ability to expand and thrive. They also have a tendency to slur words. They are considered by many of the other major races to be a threat to the galaxy, more so by the Avians who had unintentionally assisted the Florans in escaping their homeworld.

Floran technology is primitive and basic. All of their advanced technology is stolen and salvaged from other races, usually after they had eaten the crew.

The GlitchEdit

The Glitch are a race of robots, the remnants of an experiment of a long forgotten alien race. All other robotic civilizations eventually destroyed themselves, whereas the Glitch  became inadvertently stuck in the medieval era of civilization. They are entirely unaware of their origins and act as any other sentient being would in the medieval time period. However, some of the Glitch will experience a glitch when created that removes the error that blocks their higher knowledge. These Glitch are often hunted down and executed by their kind for being insane.

The overwhelming majority of Glitch society remains stuck at a medieval level of technology, using swords, bows and arrows. However, the few Glitch that escaped from their homeworld and moved to the stars possess highly advanced technology.

The HumansEdit

Despite being a young race, humans are a highly advanced species that progressed quickly, both socially and technologically. Humans were the first of the major races to research and conduct space travel, however humanity's expansion into the stars was painfully slow. Due to other species' visiting Earth, Humans decided to create the Terrene Protectorate as a universal peacekeeping organization, but is destroyed along with the planet by The Ruin.

Technologically, humans are the second most advanced civilization behind the Apex, possessing cloning technology and FTL drives.

The HylotlEdit

The Hylotl are a proud amphibian race. They pursue beauty, perfection, and culture and seek to spread these ideals to other races. They are herbivores and generally peaceful towards other living beings. Their [currently unnamed] homeworld has been invaded by Florans due to the war between the both races.

Some Hylotl have taken condescending attitudes towards other races' cultures. This has led to a general dislike of Hylotl culture and attitudes amongst other races. A long and violent conflict has been waged between the Hylotl and the Floran, which had been caused by the very different culture of the races. Members of both races display grudges against each other.

Despite peaceful, it is known the Hylotl have warships, although they prefer to resolve conflicts with diplomacy.

Technology level of the Hylotl is not clear. They are capable of interstellar travel and building underwater cities. It is presumed they are tied or right after humans in terms of technology.

The NovakidEdit

The Novakid are a civilization of, as one human astronomer inelegantly put it, "interstellar gas-bag people". They evolved from the remnants of a dying star. All information on Novakid history has been lost to time as the Novakid, have short attention spans which severely restrict their technological advances and historical records. Most new technology invented by the Novakid is forgotten within two to three generations.

Due to the Novakid's short attention span and reluctance to record anything of significance, Novakid technology level changes very often, going from primitive swords and armor to space ships and guns back to swords in as little as six to eight generations.

Novakids could have some major aspects in common with Sun/Stars, an example being that the color of their " gas " may show how long they have to live ( White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple ) this is all speculations though.

At the moment they appear to take traits from old Western culture, judging from the clothes they wear and the weapons and gear they use.

The PenguinsEdit

The Penguins are an elusive race, not much of them are seen throughout the galaxy (although when other races do meet them it usually ends up in conflict). The origins of the penguins have been confirmed to be from a Brown-Dwarf System, a rare star that can be as cool as room temperature. Only now are records of the Penguins being uncovered as their small outposts in the depths of  Ice-Giants are being uncovered. They have beaks, and enjoy shooting schools.

The AgaranEdit

Agaran are mysterious mushroom people. More is discovered about their species with each passing day. Some of the few things known about them is that they are tribal-like, and also capture Florans. They also can't properly communicate in the same language as the other races can. They can be seen saying things, but none of it can be understood.

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