Each race (and possibly pre-made creatures) will have its own unique Lore. As of now, the most that is known about almost all of the races is a few details or an incomplete back story.


The ApexEdit

They used to be humans,or normal apes i'm not sure...Until The Entire race was altered!They are ruled by these evil people that worship Big Ape,Who is really a evil robot overlord!Cool right!?...No?

The AviansEdit

They are Humanoids with Bird features,They are somewhat like aztec birds in space!They are ruled by the sky gazers,Who worship this bird god,who may or may not be real!Maybe its the whatever his name is again god who fought and banished the ruin,And gave his last gifts to all the orignal races The apex,Avians,Humans,Florans,glitch,hylotl AND NOVAKIDS(probably)!the cultivator or something!

The FloransEdit

The long time enemy of the hylotl,Tend to Hunt and kill....ALOT,Atleast they aren't blood thristy monsters who kill you at sight!

The GlitchEdit

They were Robot creations by someone(creators unknown)That are bugged so they can't make anything really advanced except for medival items,THATS RIGHT BOWS CROSSBOWS AND SWORDS BABY!

The HumansEdit

They Founded the Protectate,But then one day....The Destroyer of Worlds,the Planet sized Monster,THE RUIN Destroyed earth,Only Few Survivors!

The HylotlEdit

They used to live in oceans,Until they were chased away from florans,now they live on land or underwater Bases(i tend to grief those)

The NovakidsEdit

They were the most unknown species they dont remember stuff for long,and tend to be rare!There is barely any info about them!

The PenguinsEdit

Can't fly,Tend to like UFOs,Can be pirates,mercanarys,And Bodyguards!...As long as they get paid..*wink wink*

The AgaransEdit

Some People (Probably Avians.)Went to someplace and discovered these mushroom people,Look for more about that cuz i forgot!They tend to live in Mushroom Houses

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