Lava biome surface

As a mini-biome on the surface.

Lava biome cave

Caves in the mini-biome.

The Magma Biome is a biome mostly made out of stones and dry substances, with a varied landscape with standing pools of lava scattered in low areas.

All liquids spawn in as lava within the Magma biome, lava may spawn in as 1 hex pools which will still cause the 100 damage melting debuff if walked over thus extreme caution is warranted. The vegetation is sparce to non-existent. Some trees with an exotic appearance may spawn, but will only drop Unrefined Wood and Saplings.

Monsters will spawn in a random seed, However there will be:

Two bipedal enemies, one hostile, one docile, one psuedopod (no legged) that is hostile and 2 avian breeds.

At night there will spawn one quadraped that is hostile, 2 bipeds that are hostile and 3 avian breeds.

The Magma biome is very bland, with mostly gray colours and a very empty background.