Makeshift Armor
For the resourceful.
Type Armor
Shield-15px Defense 73
Warmth-15px Warmth 3
Rarity Common
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 800 x Pixels
18 x Steel Bars
24 x Matter Blocks
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Metalwork Station

The Makeshift Armor is an armor set that consists of:


Armor Piece Tooltip Shield-15pxDefense Bonus Warmth-15pxWarmth Matter Blocks Steel Bars Pixels
Makeshift Helmet "Makeshift armour helmet. For the resourceful." 21.75 +30 Energy 1 5 3 200
Makeshift Chestpiece "Makeshift armour chestpiece. For the resourceful." 36.25 +85 Health-30px 1 12 10 500
Makeshift Greaves "Makeshift armour greaves. For the resourceful." 14.5 +20% Energy Regen 1 7 5 100
Total 72.5 (no set bonus) 3 24 18 800

This armor can be difficult to get because it requires large amounts of matter blocks (only obtainable from matter generators). If you find a planet with a matter generator though, after obtaining the matter blocks, you can reset the planet and obtain the matter blocks again. This armour set becomes available at the metalwork station when you find Matter Block

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