The Miniknog is "The Ministry of Scientific Progression", under which most of the Apex operate. This group is also the main antagonist of the Apex storyline, crushing a rebellion that the player belonged to and forcing him/her to flee into space. Little else is known about the MiniKnog at the moment, but it is presumably ruled (ironically) by Big Ape, whose self-glorifying posters are omnipresent throughout the areas controlled by the MiniKnog.


  • It has been debated that the "-knog" part of Miniknog is either an abbreviation of the word "knowledge", or a pun on the word "Kong."
  • The naming convention of the ministry mirrors that used in George Orwell's novel 1984. In the novel, the Ministry of Truth is called MiniTrue, the Ministry of Love is called MiniLuv, and so forth. Apex society also mirrors that of 1984, with the Apex worshipping 'Big Ape', similar to 'Big Brother'.