Mining in Starbound lets you collect important resources to craft many different items that help you progress through the game.

Diamond pickaxe use to mine platinum ore.


In order to mine, you need a tool that can break blocks. While there are many that do this, certain tools are more ideal for certain situations. Optimizing when and where to use these tools will maximize your mining efficiency.

Starter ToolsEdit

These tools can break blocks and are available to you at the start of the game.


Pickaxes are the first tier of mining tools available. The higher quality the pickaxe, the less time it takes to mine blocks. 


Drills are the next stage of mining tools, available after unlocking the third tier.

Repairing toolsEdit

To repair a pickaxe or drill, select an ore and right click on the tool. In v. Furious Koala any ore can be used to repair a tool, not just those of the same metal. Many players consider Copper Ore to be the best ore to repair tools with due it's low rarity and tendency to appear in large pockets.

(In newer build of the game, repairing and building any drills or pickaxes are removed from the game)

Mining TechniquesEdit

When mining it is important to keep track of one's position in the mine and be able to find one's way out again and don't forget to bring important supplies like foods or healing items. Here are some useful techniques to make mining trips go more smoothly.

Mine ShaftsEdit

A mine shaft leading straight downward helps by eliminating side to side travel while descending. It's easier to track the player's position when the mine shaft clearly indicates the way out is straight upward. Without tech, a player can jump to a ledge 10 blocks off the ground. With this in mind, place blocks or platforms so that players can climb back up.

Branch Mining Edit

This method of mining can get you more ore then the previous method but more time consuming. Start by digging a narrow shaft straight down. This is considered your "Central Shaft." Once you've dug far enough down, begin placing platforms about every 10 blocks above you. You can choose to place the platforms closer together if you wish to have more mining tunnels. Once the platforms are placed, jump onto one of them and begin mining either left or right to create a horizontal tunnel. Repeat this process for each platform as often as you'd like. As you progress you should start noticing you have a central, vertical mine shaft with several horizontal "branches" extending left and right from it.

Branch Mining-0

Branch mining example with a central vertical shaft and three horizontal "branches."

Quarry MiningEdit

Quarry Mining can be summarized as "a big hole in the ground." Quarry mining is incredibly tedious but it will ensure that you mine every single ore within the quarry's area. To start, flatten an area of terrain, your chances of finding more ores increase the wider you make it. After this begin digging down and mining every single block within the width of your quarry. You can go as deep or shallow as you want, but if your goal is to get ores, you may want to dig the quarry down all the way to the core. As you dig into chasms and other generated structures, you can choose to dig around them or seal them off to keep your quarry uniform. 

Quarry Mine

Medium Sized Quarry Mine Example. The player is using platforms to climb to the surface.

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