Morphball Tech
Type Item
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

The Morphball is a tech that allows you to turn into a morphball.

When in morphball mode, click the left mouse-button to drop an unlimited amount of bombs.

Bombs will explode doing considerable damage after a short time, or when a creature/person/npc comes into contact with the bomb.The bomb has a small range, about the same as a thrown bomb.

You can also gain considerable speed when rolling downhill and you can jump in morphball, however, it is a very small jump, only going about 1-2 blocks high.

Starbound showcasing the Morphball for the wiki

Starbound showcasing the Morphball for the wiki.

A demonstration on how the morphball works.

The morphball can be used once equipped in a tech slot pressing the "F" button.


  • You can not press F to stand up when under platforms in morphball mode, this might be because platforms are registered as a block.


  • It is a reference/easteregg to the Metroid series, more specifically, Samus' morphball power.
  • While in Morphball mode, you are only 2 blocks high, making it so players can make "Secret" passages on their home world.