Multiplayer is a feature available to the players of Starbound. To play Starbound in multiplayer, you need to find the IP address of a server. Servers can either be locally hosted, or setup as a dedicated server, you can also rent a starbound dedicated game server from a Starbound Game Server Providers.

You can find servers on the following server list:

Making Your Own ServerEdit

There is, of course, also the possibility to host a server yourself.

The easiest way is to select the option "Launch Starbound Server" in the launcher, let the server load and let others connect through a Hamachi network

You yourself can enter the server by starting the game client with "Launch Starbound" and then by connecting to "" which is the IP4 address of Localhost

There is also a way to make your server public. A full tutorial is on the Chucklefish Forums.

Hosting on a Linux serverEdit

It's also possible to host a server on Linux.

Commandline way:

- Get an SSH server. Then Connect with Putty, Kitty or your favorited SSH-Client to the server.

- Download and extract SteamCMD. Run your SteamCMD.

- Download the Server.

-Navigate to the Directory where is located.


./ [Enter] (wait untill "Steam>" is promted)


app_update 211820 [Enter]

- a update is now runnig. This may take a while. After finish:

quit [Enter]

Your server is located in the

/home/USERNAME/Steam/SteamApps/common/Starbound/linuxXX (64 or 32)


Go to:

~/linux64 (for 64-Bit)
~/linux32 (for 32-Bit)

now do


Your server is now running.

But now there is the Problem that, when you disconnect from the Terminal, your server also get's closed. To prevent that, run Screen (or an other virtual Monitor programm).

screen -S starbound [Enter]

Now you can start your server again. with [CTRL] + [A] + [D] you can detach the screen. Your server is now running at the background.

To enter the screen

screen -d -R starbound [Enter]