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Peanut Butter Trap
Screenshot 33
Type Item
Rarity Common
Tooltip This could attract anything...

I should make sure I'm prepared before using it.

Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 700 x Pixels

40 x Durasteel Bar

Crafted At Creature Capture Station

The Peanut Butter Trap is an item that's used to summon the fourth boss, the Giant Jelly. The Creature Capture Station is needed in order to craft it.

The Giant Jelly drops the Endomorphic Jelly upon defeat, which is then used to create the Durasteel Tech Upgrade; thus, like other boss-summoning items, the Peanut butter trap is necessary to progress further in Starbound. The trap itself is used by interacting with it after it is placed: the Giant Jelly and two smaller jellies will then fall out of the sky from directly above the trap and start attacking. This fact, combined with the fact that the trap explodes when used, means that players should avoid standing near the trap at all costs.

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