Pearlpeas infobox
Type Food
Sub-Type Ingredient
Consumable Yes
Rarity Common
Sell Value No Value
Material In Boiled Pearlpeas
Pearlpea Broth
Stuffed Dirturchin
Roast Dinner
Pearlpea Risotto
Special Fried Rice
Pearlpea Jam
Fish Stew
Pearlpea Parcels
Pearlpea Pancakes
Salt Salad
Farmed With Pearlpea Seeds

Pearlpeas are a type of crop that can be grown or bought by food vendors in villages. They are one of the most versatile ingredients in cooking. Pearlpeas can be found growing wild on a Lush planet's surface, or can be found as Pearlpea Seed in chests.