A 100% legit business.

The Penguin Bay is a shady-looking store located just outside the Outpost.

The Penguin Bay serves the role of allowing the player to "legally" upgrade their spaceship licenses at the cost of diamonds.

Players can access upgrades by progressing through the story, where opportunities to upgrade the ship become available during the "Psst" quests, with larger upgrades becoming available as the player progresses.

License Level Mission Requirements
Sparrow Class License Psst (Sparrow) 2 Diamonds, All Sidequests beforehand
Kestrel Class License Psst (Kestrel) 4 Diamonds, All Sidequests beforehand
Falcon Class License Psst (Falcon) 8 Diamonds, All Sidequests beforehand
Eagle Class License Psst (Eagle) 16 Diamonds, All Sidequests beforehand
Condor Class License Psst (Condor) 32 Diamonds, Eagle Class License

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