A Penguin

The penguins are an elusive race, not much of them are seen throughout the galaxy (although when other races do meet them it usually ends up in conflict). The origins of the penguins have been confirmed to be from a Brown Dwarf system, a rare star that can be as cool as room temperature. Only now are records of the Penguins being uncovered as their small outposts in the depths of Ice-Giants are being uncovered.

Penguin AnatomyEdit

Penguins are a race descended from a group of seven Avians and a small Hylotl missionary group. Penguins are quite birdlike in appearance, but have some Hylotl abilities, such as the ability to hold their breath underwater for Extended Periods of time. A penguin stands about half the height of an Avian and has a small yellow beak, they are covered in feathers that do not allow the water through so that they can swim faster. The feet of a penguin are webbed, much like a Hylotl's and their wings are small and not very useful for flying, however it adds to their maneuverability underwater.

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