Perfectly Generic Item
Perfectly Generic Item
Type Item
Rarity Common
Tooltip It's a perfectly generic item. Perhaps a bit too perfect.
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

A Perfectly Generic Item is an item that can be randomly found in chests, or will be given to you when you attempt to give yourself an item in the game that does not exist, or through error circumstances. The description for this item is "It's a perfectly generic item. Perhaps a bit too perfect."

Armor Edit

This item can be used to craft an armor set as of Upbeat Giraffe. Forged at the basic anvil. The armor, prefixed by "Perfect" ('Perfect Helm', 'Perfect Chestplate', 'Perfect Pants'), is learned when the Perfectly Generic Item is obtained.

Notes Edit

  • This item can't be scanned in the 3D Printer.
  • This item probably shouldn't exist in crafting recipes. If it does, it is probably due to a typo in your recipes. Search your Starbound\assets\recipes folder for the offending recipe, and correct it by editing with notepad. For example, if a recipe requires "Durasteel" or "tentacle" which don't exist, change it to "durasteelbar" or "rawtentacle" respectively.
  • You can get a perfectly generic item at Treasured Trophies in The Ark, after defeating the Floran boss in the second scanning mission.

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