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Stretch pets


Pets are NPCs that follow and usually assist the player in some way. In addition to Starter Pets the player can tame many types of animals and monsters. The home planet pets are more aimed towards companionship while the space monster pets are more suited for combat.


A capture Pod.

Pets can be caught by throwing a Capture Pod at it, which is crafted in the Creature Capture Station, it has to be a small animal (Not a bird, adult monster, NPC, Mini-boss, etc.) and under 50% health to be caught. Currently, neutral pets don't do anything, they simply follow you around. They often get stuck, fall in caves, and get lost. They will teleport back to you though if you are more than 36 blocks away. A pet will not currently follow you up to your spaceship if you should choose to teleport back. The pet is not lost if you beam up to the spaceship. If you go back down close to where your pet was, it will teleport back to you. Similarly, pets left in your spaceship will stay there, and will also carry over to any servers which you choose to use the same character for. 

If a Pet that is following you is killed in combat, it drops a Filled Capture Pod filled with that pet inside it. If there is no way to kill it (using explosive weapons) or there is no way to have hostile monsters kill it, you can recapture it using any empty Capture Pod. You cannot use this method to capture other player's pets. It is advised to bring a trap with you, like a sawblade trap, to place where your pet is standing and kill them, turning them back into a filled capture pod.

Flying fish

A Capture Pod being thrown.

As of version Offended Koala, pets now level up when they kill around 21 monsters. They get health and damage boosts from leveling up. They gain experience by dealing the killing blow to any kinds of monsters. The type of enemy does not matter. (Alien, mini-boss, boss, NPC) If the pet gets killed, it does not lose any experience or levels. You can tell when a pet levels up because the words "Level Up!" pop up in green text much like the melting or burning status effects.


  • If you die or warp to your ship, your pet will stay at that location and will only begin following you again if you're within 36 blocks of it.
  • Defensive Turrets will shoot at your pet, but will not damage them.
  • Tamed monsters will act aggressively when nearby any NPC including passive/neutral ones. They can also randomly murder NPCs if they teleport into them.

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Starbound How-to Capture Creatures Combat Pets Tame Pets - Beta Guide

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