The pixel printer UI on a player's spaceship

Type Currency
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Pixels are a form of currency in Starbound. Pixels can be earned in a lot of ways such as defeating enemies, destroying scattered pixel capsules or finding chests. When you die, 30%/10% of your current pixels are lost.

You will need Pixels to craft armour or weapons. As you craft new tiers of weapons and armor, the pixel cost increases substantially. Pixels are also used to purchase weapons, armor, food and other goods from NPC Merchants. They are also used when scanning items with the 3D Printer, and are used in even higher quantities to print items with it, as they are the sole resource the 3D Printer runs on.

NPC Merchants will regularly tell you that they want your pixels.

Pixels are dropped when killing mobs with non-hunting weapons.

==Farming Pixels==
One method is to use the refinery to process ores found underground. This method varies in speed, as mining tunnels can be composed of soft or hard materials which can affect the speed of ore attainment. The third method, although requiring more tools, is arguably the fastest way to farm pixels. Using the Bubble Boost upgrade, fly along a planet's surface and kill its birds. Birds tend to have higher spawn rates and less health, making them optimal for farming. Another method is to place defense turrets every screen length away. This method is optimized for gamma sector because the turrets kill monsters quickly but the monsters drop a decent amount of pixels. Defense turrets cost 1 pixel and to have a good farm you'll want at least 50 turrets. As of Upbeat Giraffe, repeating Dreadwing mission is the fastest way to farm pixels