Each planet is assigned a Threat Level to show how dangerous (or not) the planet's wildlife and climate is.

The levels go as follows:

  1. Harmless- These worlds contain low level creatures and calm climates. Harmless planets are typically green with a few trees and contain quite flat terrain. Harmless moons are barren, contain no oxygen (so bring your Oxygen EPP) and are great sources of Liquid Erchius Fuel. They contain the basic ores and materials needed to get you into the stars. The starting planet will always be one of these.
  2. Mostly Harmless- the next level up from Harmless, these planets still have lower level enemies and calm climates. These planets can be either; jungle worlds that are covered in dense foliage or arid desert worlds where there is little to no plant life, are covered in sand and contain oil in underground caves.
  3. Moderate- Moderate Planets contain middle level creatures and may have environmental factors such as sandstorms or heavy snowfall. They range between Snowy planets that have little or no plant life and common snowstorms, sand covered desert planets and to Ocean covered Water planets.
  4. Risky- These planetoids require the use of the Radiation EPP in order for you to be able to survive. These planets go from Radiation smothered alien worlds, where odd biomes such as the eyes biome and the slime biome start occurring, to Radiation covered Ocean planets, where the seas are made from poison, to Radioactive Tropical planets.
  5. Dangerous- Dangerous planets require the use of the Heating EPP to survive on. At the moment all of the Dangerous planets are frozen snow worlds, differing between frigid oceans or vast expanses of ice and snow.
  6. Extreme- The most inhospitable type of planet, all of these worlds are extremely hot. To visit these you need the Cooling EPP. This category contains volcanic planets that have veins of magma and rain hot ashes, in addition to sun baked rocks that have been roasted by their sun into a hot, dusty husk.