2014-01-11 00003

A very large amount of poisonous water pouring down from higher ground.

Poison Water is a green liquid found deep underground, and in some particular underground biomes. It can also be found as a replacement for all water on some Toxic biomes such as Tropical, or 'some' planets with high radiation levels.​ It will leave the Poisoned Status Effect upon the player, damaging them for  8 seconds. 


  • The normal amount of damage a player receives by touching the water every second is 3, but if the player leaves there longer, it could damage the player by 3 more damage each second of staying in the poison water. The poison debuff damage will damage the player by that amount, but the damage will subside as the poison effect fades.
  • It looks and acts like normal water, but has a slightly green tint to it. Watch out in green soiled biomes, as it can blend in.
  • if you try to mix normal water and toxic water, the resulting pool (of death) will be 100% poision (as of the giraffe update). On ocean planets if you dig a hole in the ocean floor and it reaches a pool of posion suddenly all water in the hole will become poisonous very very fast, but this spreading stops at the ocean floor. the ocean water remains just water.
  • like normal water, toxic water can be deleted with falling sand or gravel (see above image)
  • Poison water will not bond with healing water, the result of pouring the two over each other will be two completely seperate liquids, with one atop the other, same with oil and 'red water'.

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