Pre-Historic Woolly Pants
Pre-Historic Woolly Pants Tooltip
Type Armor
Sub-Type Vanity Item
Equip Slot Legs Slot
Rarity Common
Tooltip Keeps a very small amount of me very warm.
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

The Pre-Historic Woolly Pants is a leg-slot Vanity Item. It is most easily found inside of Tar Chests in Tar Biomes.

Contrary to the item's description, it does not actually provide any warmth to the player when worn.

Full OutfitEdit

Sample Locations (Upbeat Giraffe)Edit


X Y Planet Obtained By Details
259313013 938685717 Alpha Ups Aur Minoris III b Tar Chest Slightly underground in a shallow pool of tar.

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