Quests are tasks that the player can undertake in Starbound. They are usually given by NPCs, and the player will often be given a reward when a quest's objective is complete. Some quests will also be procedurally generated. As of right now, quests are assigned to whole parties, and rewards are given per player.

Quest listEdit

Tier 1 - Main Story Quests Edit

No. Race Quest
1 Apex On The Run
1 Avian Spread Your Wings
1 Floran Fresh Meat
1 Glitch Time For An Upgrade
1 Human There's No Place Like Home
1 Hylotl Fish Out Of Water
1 Novakid A Big Bang
2 All A Flash of Light
3 All Shop Class
4 All Prepare Yourself
5 All Food Fight
6 All Out of the Frying pan...
7 All Tools for the Job
8 All Forging Ahead
9 All Ups and Downs

Missions (Full quests)Edit

Erchius Mining Facility. All races. Boss: Erchius Horror. Requires: coordinates from Quest gained at the Outpost, Breathing suit.

Testing Facility Mk1. All races. Boss: Dreadwing, Requires: "Be Prepared" Quest, Titanium Armor.

Floran Hunting party. all races. Boss: Armed Floran. Requires: Durasteel Armor

Testing Facility MK2. All races, Boss: Shockhopper Mk1 Requires: Aegisalt/Rubium/Violium Armor

Quest TutorialsEdit

Starbound Quests 1-412:48

Starbound Quests 1-4

Covers Quests 1 to 4

Starbound Quests 4-510:59

Starbound Quests 4-5

covers Quests 4 to 6

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