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There are seven starting Races to choose from in Starbound. Each race is unique in appearance and offers their own lore And armor etc.

On their own the races are largely equal, but each race has their own default recipes and racial armors that will grant special abilities to each race at some point.

NPC RacesEdit

NPCs can come in every race naturally in the game. You can find different towns, castles, U.S.C.M bases, and labs all with different race inhabitants.

Examples of where you can find particular races:

USCM Penal Colony: Humans

Tree Village: Florans

Castles: Glitches

Avian Tombs: Avians

Research Facilities: Apex

Mushroom village and underground houses : Agaran


  • The descripion of various food items implies that it can only be eaten by a certain race, however, no such thing is noticed with most of these items. You might want to avoid eating too much of another race's food types (just in case).

Additional Non-playable Races:Edit

Mushroom people / Agaran


Novakid (Not released)                                                                                                                                                       (needs more)

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