The Rainbow Biome is a very colourful but uncommon biome filled with colorful, windmill-like flowers, neon melons, the occasional rainbow chest, and sometimes rainbow trees.


Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 4.14.29 PM

Rainbow Biomes are only found on the surface of Arid planets. They are characterized by the colorful vegetation that dominate the dreary feel of the desert. Here you can find rainbow trees, which are distinguished by their palm like look, reddish trunks, and striped leaves that are colored blue and green. These are also the only trees that drop Rainbow Wood, which is a key ingredient in many rainbow furniture. You will also find Neonmelons scattered across the ground. The ground is also covered with a colorful array of four petaled flowers and bushes. The Rainbow Biome is also the only place where you can find Rainbow Chests, which contain blueprints and rainbow based vanity items, such as the Rainbow Cape and the Rainbow Hood.


The Rainbow Biome can be found underground, too. It is almost identical to its surface dwelling twin except for the fact that it does not contain rainbow trees. You will be able to find the underground version of the Rainbow Biome on any planet, no matter the biome.


A Rainbow biome is located on "Gamma Skios Minoris I", a desert planet found at x:78666516, y:14035523. As well as "Alpha Tejat 2149 II a", a desert planet found at x:8817780, y:-25648630.

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