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5 guns featured in Starbound

Ranged Weapons will be divided into ballistic and energy weapons: the former will require ammo, while the latter will use the player's energy pool to fuel its shots.

Ranged Weapons are further divided into various types such as Rocket Launchers, Pistols, Assault Rifles, etc. Each of those classes provides a range for various stats, including but not limited to: clip size, reload time, fire rate, damage per shot, and bullet spread.

These stats are analyzed to provide the overall level for a weapon.

The first major Ranged weapon you will craft is the Hunting Bow, allowing you to kill Aliens and collect their loot. This is the way that a character can obtain Raw Alien Meat and cook it over a campfire for some food.

On top of all this, Ranged Weapons may have utilities such as laser sights and flashlights.guns can be bought from the merchant in the floating pirate ship.




Rocket LaunchersEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

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