Rebel's Pants
Rebels Pants
Type Armor
Race (?) Apex
Equip Slot Legs Slot
Shield-15px Defense 6
Energy-15px Energy 0
Warmth-15px Warmth 3
Rarity Common
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 12 x Steel Bars
1 x Silver Greaves
400 x Pixels
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Metalwork Station

The Rebel's Pants is a Tier 2 piece of Apex Armor which is part of the Rebel's Armor set.

Obtaining Edit

First you need to obtain a Molten Core from the Penguin UFO boss to craft a Metalwork Station. Then you will need to craft and use the item Starmap Upgrade MK2 and you will be able to craft the Steel Bars you need for this recipe.

Note: Item is subject to change due to the beta status of Starbound