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The Roadmap, or "Roadmap to the Stars", is a means of tracking the progress of Starbound's development. It is the source of the estimated release date found at the main page.


The Roadmap is divided into seven main areas of development, each of which is subdivided into several more specific areas. All of the "sub-areas" have a percentage attached to them that indicates approximately how close it is to being finished. Developer avatars on an area indicates that the represented developer is currently working on that area.

Core MechanicsEdit

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Dungeons and VillagesEdit

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Melee weapons gen Gun gen Projectiles Blocks Objects Consumables Armors Vehicals

Player MechanicsEdit

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Phys Status Items 5-2 zps675b5d6c

Server StuffEdit


Party Storage Cheat Admin

User InterfaceEdit

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World GenerationEdit

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Large dungeon
Mini terrain


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Eat cake (596%)


From the message that appears when one first lands at the Roadmap page:

Keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate of the progress. There may be tasks that are not represented on the map, and different tasks take different amounts of time to complete. In other words, this Roadmap should not be interpreted as some kind of countdown. We will also be updating it with new tasks and information as more comes along.

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