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The Rocket Launcher is a powerful ballistic weapon that launches, as the name implies, rockets at an enemy. Rockets are not affected by gravity and will fly in a straight path. This makes them useful for making tricky shots at long range, however Rocket launchers are oftentimes slow to outweigh their destructive power and distant enemies will often quickly close the gap before you can finish them. Rocket Launchers are generally poor against charging targets as a misplaced shot could mean certain death. Rocket Launchers also use high amounts of energy, and can deplete your energy entirely in just a few shots.

Weapon StrategiesEdit

Because Rocket launchers are slow and cumbersome, it is only recommended to use them for one or two powerful opening shots, then switching to a more efficient weapon to finish off your enemies. Although it may seem fun to blow things up with a Rocket Launcher, the majority of the time it is safer to rely on conventional weapons, like Pistols or Assault Rifles.

Due to their large splash radius, Rocket Launchers are effective at damaging and killing groups of enemies, even causing damage to enemies behind walls and other solid objects. This splash damage is a double-edged sword, however, and can have undesired consequences such as causing damage to neutral monsters and turning them hostile, as well as causing harm to the player himself. Players with high damage Rocket Launchers should be very careful not to accidentally hit objects at close range.

Rockets also do damage to pets, and can be used to kill them to return them to a filled capture pod.


They can otherwise be obtained by the methods below:

  • Chests (Surface and Underground on planets of Difficulty Level 4+)
  • Dungeons
  • Merchants