Seeds are plantable items that are found in chests or harvested from fully-grown food plants. They are used to grow food from a specific plant. By using a stone hoe on a dirt block, it will make farm tiles, that are used to grow the specific seed. Different kinds of seeds need more or less space than the others, and take time to grow, depending if the player is close or not (The player has to be in the seeds sight in order for it to grow fast). The seeds have 3 levels of growth, showing when they can be harvested.

List of SeedsEdit

All the seeds alphabetically, this can change.


AutomatoseediconAutomato Seed Automato

AvesmingoseediconAvesmingo Seed

BananaseediconBanana Seed Banana
BeakseedseediconBeakseed Seed Beekseed
BoltbulbseediconBoltbulb Seed Boltbulb
BonebooseediconBoneboo Seed Boneboo
CarrotseediconCarrot Seed Carrot
ChiliseediconChili Seed Chili
CoffeeseediconCoffee Seed Coffee Beans
CoralcreepseediconCoralcreep Seed Coralcreep
CornseediconCorn Seed Corn
CurrentcornseediconCurrentcorn Seed Currentcorn
DiodiaseediconDiodia Seed Diodia
DirturchinseediconDirturchin Seed Dirturchin
EggshootseediconEggshoot Seed Eggshoot
FeathercrownseediconFeathercrown Seed Feathercrown
GrapesseediconGrape Seed Grapes
KiwiseediconKiwi Seed Kiwi
NeonmelonseediconNeonmelon Seed Neonmelon
OculemonseediconOculemon Seed Oculemon
PearlpeaseediconPearlpea Seed Pearlpea
PineappleseediconPineapple Seed Pineapple
PotatoseediconPotato Seed Potato
PussplumseediconPussplum Seed Pussplum
ReefpodseediconReefpod Seed Reefpod
RiceseediconRice Seed Rice
SugarcaneseediconSugarcane Seed Sugar
TomatoseediconTomato Seed Tomato
ToxictopseediconToxic Top Seed Toxic Top
WartweedseediconWartweed Seed Wartweed
WheatseediconWheat Seed Wheat