• An example of a Sewer Dungeon. This particular dungeon was found on a Snowy planet.
  • A sewer with a leaky pipe on Gamma Torcularis Majoris II, coords: x: 5182919, y: 75407884.
  • A sewer with a mechanical spider on Gamma Torcularis Majoris II, coords: x: 5182919, y: 75407884.
  • Sewer in the X galaxy.

The Sewer is a kind of dungeon found underground, often indicated by an outhouse on the surface or a Glitch building with a manhole.

They are made of mostly Heavy Stone Brick and Sewage Blocks and contain a toxic green water that will poison the player on contact.

Enemies such as the Poo Monster, Jumping Poo, Large Flies and Mechanical Crawlers can be found here. Prepare yourself for poisonous attacks.

Sewers are commonly found with 4 floating blocks supporting a Glitch Chest.

Lootable itemsEdit

Possible non-craftable objects include:


Alpha SectorEdit

  • Alpha Eri 5331 II a, a level 1 Desert planet at the coordinates x-81996177, y98317988. Sewer entrance is a medium walk to the left.
  • Alpha Mu-2 Gru Minoris IV, a level 1 Snow planet at the coordinates x-49194597, y-39749373. Sewer entrance is a bit of a long walk to the left.

Beta SectorEdit

  • Beta XY Lyr 015 I, a large arid planet made of Magmarock and Lava. Co-ordinates: x: -73286511 y: 4126024. Walk to the left up a steep hill, the sewer is only about 30 blocks wide and I have not found an entrance to any other sewer dungeons.

Gamma SectorEdit

  • Gamma Torcularis Majoris II, a medium-sized jungle planet with a sewer. Coordinates: x: 5182919, y: 75407884. Walk to the right for a few minutes.
  • Gamma Alula Borealis 8248 i, the only forest planet in the system, and it has a sewer. Coords: x: 22530807, y:28292474, walk right for a little bit    Edit: there is no chest at this one

X SectorEdit

  • X Unios 17 III a Level 10 volcanic
  • X Skios 4361 (Planet IV) level10 Forest.  Decent walk to the left. Didn't see a chest anywhere unfortunately.  (There are 2 separate sewers and neither had any chest :\)  There are two movable valves, perhaps it is a puzzle?

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