Basic shield
Type Shield
Rarity Common
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Shields are a one handed item. They are normally used with a one handed sword or gun. It is used to block attacks from enemies.

Currently shields work like a high defense armor in front of you, reducing any damage. Higher grade shields block higher amounts of damage, up to complete blocking of damage. While you are blocking with the shield your energy bar won't recharge.

When used with a one-handed melee weapon, you have to lower the shield. However, guns can be fired with the shield up.

Shield GradesEdit

There are currently seven known shield shapes, each with multiple aesthetic designs and a randomized name. The shapes are listed below in order of strength, weakest to strongest. The pattern on the surface of each currently doesn't appear to affect shield strength in any way.

  • Feathered Buckler - Round, two feathers coming off the side of the shield
  • Flower/Leaf Shield - Round, looks like a flower with green petals, same strength as the feathered buckler
  • Buckler - Round, plain (may be an Aspis, but buckler is one randomized name for these)
  • Heater Shield - Square top, pointed bottom (could be an Escutcheon, as each appears to bear heraldic arms)
  • Scutum Shield - Rectangular
  • Lozenge Shield - Diamond-shaped. May be intended to be a Kite Shield instead.
  • Notched Heater Shield - Square top, pointed bottom, square notch in the top edge


Shields can drop from any hostile NPC or Mini-Boss. They can also be found in chests.


As of version Enraged Koala shields do not have an in-game a description yet.