Snow Infantry Armor is a craftable armor set that provides good protection against the cold. Players can craft the set using the Yarn Spinner. It requires 33 pieces of Leather to be crafted.

This armor is currently the best cold protection armor before Sector X, allowing players to explore the Asteroid, Moon, Tundra and Snow Planets with less fear of freezing to death. It has the same total warmth provided with the Tier 10 armor, Universalist's Armor being an example.

Note: The snow infantry armor doesn't protect against the cold anymore, to survive freezing planets you need the cold protection tech suit, achieved after completing the Floran party quest.

Snow Infantry ArmorEdit

Snow Infantry Armor

Snow Infantry Helmet

Image Ingredients Defense Energy Warmth
Snow infantry Helmet2
8x Leather 1 5 29

Snow Infantry Chest

Image Ingredients Defense Energy Warmth
Snow Infantry Chest2
15x Leather 2 1 48

Snow Infantry Pants

Image Ingredients Defense Energy Warmth
Snow Infantry Pants2
10x Leather 2 0 19


  • The armor bears resemblance to the armor used by Hoth Troopers in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, in both the colors of the armor and the goggles on the helmet. 
  • The Apex's fur will disappear when using Snow Infantry Armor.

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