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19th May progress video01:33

19th May progress video

A floran ship traveling.

The player's Spaceship is a mobile base which can be utilized to travel between planets. In the future it will be able to be upgraded up to level 5, and it sports a different look depending on what race the ship's owner is. It needs fuel to travel between planets, the amount of which is based on the distance between the two planets in question. Regardless of current location, the teleporter can send you to your designated home planet without requiring moving the ship or any fuel expenditure.

The interior is customizable and you can build whatever you want on it, whether you want a military base or a spaceship bar, except you cannot destroy anything that was on the ship originally, apart from the back wall. You can place any combination of doors, containers, platforms, blocks, and other furniture to build a spaceship that is to your liking.

Ships are also equipped with a Shiplocker which serves as extra storage space.


An example of a heavily customized ship.

Space TravelEdit

Space travel is an integral part of the game, as travelling to other Planets is necessary for progression. In order to successfully travel to other planets and star systems, the player will have to add fuel to his or her ship.



The Fuel HUD on a Players spaceship.

As of beta version Indignant Koala, the current types of fuel are Coal, Uranium OrePlutonium Ore and Solarium Ore. Coal being the most common source. Unrefined Wood needs to be smelted into coal in a Stone Furnace or similar crafting station.

Ore Fuel Value
Coal a. 2
Uranium Ore b. 4
Plutonium Ore 6
Solarium Ore 8

a. 10 Unrefined Wood can be smelted into 1 Coal.
b. 2 Uranium Ore can be smelted into 1 Uranium Rod which holds the same fuel value. For purposes of fueling, it is more time efficient to simply use the ore. The same applies to Plutonium and Solarium Ore.

A spaceship requires different amounts of fuel depending on the distance that needs to be traveled. To add fuel to a spaceship, simply open the Fuel Hud by activating the fuel center, and drag-and-drop the appropriate ores to the Fuel HUD. Pressing the "FUEL" button will complete the process. Once ore has been added to the ship's fuel tank, it cannot be removed. These values are listed in the table below:

Distance Fuel Needed
Neighboring Planets 1
Same System 50
Another System 200
Another Sector 200

3D PrinterEdit

The 3D Printer is a device which can be used to scan and print items for pixels. this makes it possible to duplicate most items found while exploring.

Teleportation PadEdit

To get from the ship to a planet surface, use the teleportation pad, by hovering the cursor over it and pressing 'e'. Alternatively, there is a button at the right side of the screen resembling a circle with a down arrow. Once on the planet, a similar button must be used to return to the ship. The arrow on this one is pointing upward.


Space travel is separated into Sectors. Currently (as of Angry Koala) there are 5 sectors: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Sector X.

Alpha SectorEdit

Alpha Sector Information
Planet Difficulty Level: 1
Monster Health <20
Surface Ore Density Low
The Alpha Sector is the starting sector. When you first create a character, the world your character's spaceship is hovering above is always located in the Alpha Sector. Alpha Sector planets generally have less powerful hostiles, and normal amounts of Ores. It is generally safer to harvest resources like wood, coal, and iron from Alpha Sector Planets.

Beta SectorEdit

Beta Sector Information
Planet Difficulty Level: 2
Monster Health <50
Surface Ore Density Medium
The Beta Sector is only available after the player has beaten the first boss, the Penguin UFO . Once the player crafts and uses the Starmap Upgrade MK2 , they will have access to the Beta Sector on their starmap. Beta Sector Planets generally have more powerful hostile monsters, but also have higher concentrations of ores, and some ores can only be found on Beta Sector planets.

Gamma SectorEdit

Gamma Sector Information
Planet Difficulty Level: 3
Monster Health <151
Surface Ore Density High
The Gamma Sector is available after the player has beaten the second boss, the Inactive Robot . Once the player crafts the Robotic Crafting Table and crafts the Starmap Upgrade MK3 , the player will be able to access solar systems in the Gamma Sector. Gamma Sector planets have plenty of silver, gold and titanium on the surface, but almost completely lack iron. The creatures on this sector are even more powerful than the last, but as such they yield many pixels when defeated.

Delta SectorEdit

Delta Sector Information
Planet Difficulty Level: 4
Monster Health <225
Surface Ore Density Very High
The Delta Sector becomes available to the player after they beat the third boss, the Bone Dragon. Once the player crafts and uses the Starmap Upgrade MK4, they will be able to access solar systems in the Delta Sector. Planets in the Delta sector have high amounts of Titanium, gold, and diamonds in their surfaces, and Tech can be easily found in this sector. Guns also become regular drops once the player reaches the Delta Sector.

Sector XEdit

Sector X Information
Planet Difficulty Level: 5 - 10
Monster Health Extremely High
Surface Ore Density

Ridiculously OP

Sector X is the fifth and final Sector that the player can explore. This sector is available after defeating the Giant Jelly boss, and using his Endomorphic Jelly to make the Durasteel Tech Upgrade. Sector X has the most difficult, but also most rewarding, planets, with a difficulty range of 5 to 10. Tiy stated that planets of a difficulty level of 10 would be challenging for even the best geared players. Sector X is also the only sector where certain ores, such as Aegisalt, can be found; titanium, however, seems to be absent, as is iron.

Types of ShipsEdit

Ship Locker

Example of the Shiplocker.

Each starter ship is basically a rectangle with a decorated exterior and a cockpit. Starter ships of each race, except Novakids, are shown below.


The pre-beta Avian spaceship closely resembles an Avian with the nose of the spaceship shaped like a beak. In the beta release, however, it has gained more of an ancient Sumerian feel, being shaped like a ziggurat.


The Pre-Beta Apex spaceship is fairly standard except for a banana sticker on the motor.

A later-model Apex spaceship features a white high-tech style characteristic of the Apex.   


The Floran spaceship has vines growing inside and outside of the ship.

On May 6th, a newsletter revealed that the Floran Spaceship will get a facelift in a future update. It will retain its basic shape and vine cover while the ship's metal will become darker and more corroded, giving the ship a more "primitive" or "rustic" feel. In addition, a large turret gun at the top can also be seen. It is not currently known if this (and the turrets on other ships) will gain some sort of practical use or if they will remain purely decorative. In addition, this new Floran design was used to demonstrate the new "ship customisation" feature, something that has thusfar remained lacking in the vanilla game but mods have taken advantage of (see below section). 


The Glitch spaceship is in the style of a castle. 


The Human spaceship is a very standard ship. Its current design is most likely based on the Hammerhead-class cruiser from the Star Wars franchise.


Pre-Beta, the Hylotl spaceship had a fin on the top and two on the bottom, and is meant to resemble a fish. In the Beta release, the ship was reworked to have one long fin across the top, as well as a resemblance of a tail around the thrusters; its orange color now makes the ship resemble a koi fish or a goldfish.

On May 6th, a news update revealed that the Hylotl ship will get yet another facelift in preparation for a major ship and combat based update. While this new retains its long fin along the top, the others have been removed, making it look much sleeker. It also trades its gold-orange koi fish or goldfish color for a marine blueish one. This makes the ship more resemble a shark or other predator fish.

There are several unique items onboard. Five Traditional Paper Lanterns hang from the ceiling. The background walls are made up of Shoji Screen Panels, Ornate Wood, and Ornate Flooring.


To be added soon...

Possibly an iron horse themed spaceship. Or Possibly a train like space ship. Or Both. It Depends.

Ship ModificationsEdit


Although not in the normal game there are mods that allow you to completely customize your ship. The Fully Customizable Ship Mod (Compatible with vanilla servers) and Madtulip's Spaceship Mod (Adds more blocks, furniture, freeflight, planet surface landing, and scout ships.)

It has been confirmed in multiple newsupdates  however that ship customization and expansion will eventually become a part of the normal game. Currently confirmed is the ability to add extra rooms, do "repair work", as well as parts from other race's ships (as seen by part of an Avian ship attached to a Floran ship.) 

Ship TexturesEdit

These Types of ship mods change the looks of your spaceship, without changing the hitbox.

Forming a PartyEdit

In multiplayer, players can invite friends to their Spaceship, and making a party.

The point of inviting people to your spaceship is to either show them around your spaceship, or to go somewhere with them. To do this simply click the + button next to your health and head, up on the top left corner. A new box will show up, Type in your friend's username. Their username is the name at the top left corner.

Another player's username will display when they enter the same zone as you. For instance, if a player were to teleport from their ship down onto the planet where you are, you would see their username temporarily. For typing in the username: The username can have spaces, capitals and basically any special letter/numbers/symbols. REMEMBER: their username is not neccesarily their Steam name!!!

When you have invited your friend to the party, They will see a message, the message will have an accept button. Once they have done that, They can click on the plus by your name which will probably be in the middle left to top left for them. A menu will show up when that is done. The menu is as follows: Beam to ship; Remove from group; Make leader. Click beam to ship, you are done. The only way to teleport back to your own ship is to teleport back to the planet, and teleport to your starship. The teleport icon is in the middle/top right and looks like a long horizontal circle with an arrow either going up or down. Down is down onto the planet, and up is back up to your spaceship.

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