Spread Your Peace is a Starbound codex entry about the Hylotl race, and so far is only available upon the creation of a Hylotl character.

Codex EntryEdit

Dearest Hylotl missionary,
You have gone out into the
great wide world to spread the
glory of our species, and to
help those less fortunate than
ourselves. For this, we thank
May the Hylotl spread peace
throughout the universe. Be
discerning. Be polite. And
remember Directive 0451. If you
do not know what Directive 0451
is, then do not worry about it.
Or ask about it. Just do your
job, Okay?

Trivia Edit

'0451' is a code appeared in many games as an easter egg.Started from video game 'Deus Ex'

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