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Stretch pets


Starter Pets are implemented pets (such as Cats) that are chosen and customized at the beginning of the game during the Character Creation process. They will follow the player and aid them in combat.


In addition to the alien creatures you can capture and have fight alongside you as you travel through space, each player has the option of starting out with their very own customizable pet! Each race has a choice of pets originating from their home planet that they'll be able to customize through the character create screen.

They're not quite strong enough to fight horrifying space monsters like their randomly-generated monster counterparts , but they make for lovable and useful companions all the same!

Note: In the most current version of Starbound, pets have been implemented. However, pet customization through the character create screen has not. Each race starts off with their own, unique pet.



  • Pets are only obtainable by killing the bone dragon until the final beta update.

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