Steel Bar
Steelbar infobox
Type Material
Sub-Type Bar
Tooltip It's a steel bar.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Material In Metalwork Station
Steel Hunting Bow
Capture Pod
NPC Spawners
Crafted With 1x Copper Bar
1x Iron Bar
Crafted At Alloy Furnace
Magnetic Crucible

NOTE: This item is now unobtainable

The Steel Bar is a material crafted from iron bars and copper bars. Steel Bars are crafted at an Alloy Furnace.

The Steel Bar is a key ingredient in several crafting recipes, not just weapons, armor or furniture. It is used in the crafting of NPC spawners, wiring items, the Refinery and the Metalwork Station itself, among others.


Tier 2Edit

Race Armor set Axe Broadsword Dagger Hammer Shortsword Spear
Apex Rebel's Armor Bananaxe The Backscratcher Barkpeeler Monkey's Molar The Neckscratcher Fruitpicker
Novakid Bandit's Armor
Floran Bonesmith's Armor Better Choppy Thing Big Slicestabber Hookslicer Thwacker Slicestabber Pokerface
Human Scavenger's Armor Ice Axe Cool Broadsword Fancy Shanker Claw Hammer Cool Shortsword Spear Today

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