Stone Pickaxe
Stonepickaxe infobox
Type Tool
Sub-Type Pickaxe
Rarity Common
Tooltip Pickaxes are so last millennium!
Sell Value No Value
Material In Copper Pickaxe
Crafted With 10 x Cobblestone
20 x Wood Planks
Crafted At Wooden Crafting Table
Iron Crafting Table
Robotic Crafting Table

The Stone Pickaxe is a mining tool used to mine blocks. It can mine a 3x3 area, as compared to the 2x2 area of the Matter Manipulator. It is the lowest tier of pickaxe, and is used as a material to craft the Copper Pickaxe.

Like all pickaxes, a durability bar will be shown underneath the icon when on the player's hotbar. With use, the durability of the tool will decrease; the tool will not break however, it will simply become much slower at mining.

This item has been removed in the Starbound version Upbeat Giraffe.

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