Superior Brain
Superior Brain
Type Item
Sub-Type Material
Rarity Common
Tooltip This brain looks to be perfect for experimentation.
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Artificial Brain

The Superior Brain is a rare material sometimes obtained by defeating an enemy with the Brain Extractor. It is required to craft an Artificial Brain, which is the key material for the Robot Head.

The Superior Brain has a 7% chance of drop from any monster (wild animals found on a planetary surface, excluding fish). Damaging a monster first, then finishing it with the brain extractor indeed does lead to a successful extraction. However, it does not work with NPCs spawned using the Guard Spawner, or any of the Race Spawners. It does not seem to work on certain NPCs, such as a Glitch (needs verification.)


  • Due to the high energy usage, short range, and relatively low damage of the Brain Extractor it is useful to weaken the monster first.
  • Many smaller monsters have lower health and some can even be killed in one zap, greatly reducing the time it will take to find a superior brain.
  • Contrary to what would be expected, destroying the Tier 1 Boss with a Brain Extractor does not show an increased drop rate for this item.
  • Consider returning back to Alpha if you are in any other sectors. Weaker mobs make for easier killings.
  • On alpha planets, a single, well placed shot can kill a mob.
  • 7% Chance to get the brain, 93% to get inferior

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