Survival System
Type Vanity
Sub-Type Vanity Item
Equip Slot Back Slot
Rarity Rare
Tooltip This backpack creates a breathable field of oxygen around the wearer.
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With This item has been removed along with it's crafting station and thus is uncraftable.
Crafted At Robotic Crafting Table

The Survival System was a breathing EPP for the Moon and Asteroid Field biomes. It was removed along with the former EPP system in Upbeat Giraffe.


  • Originally, it provided cold protection from space, and a mild health regen effect, but were removed before it itself got removed.
  • Players often opted to rename it Breathing Apparatus, because prior to Angry Koala, it had no other effects than breath protection, and after Pleased Giraffe, it lost the effects again.