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A player with 2 tech found and locked in.

Tech are rare items often found in High-Tech Chests on planets. The item itself looks like a large green microchip with a symbol in the center. To equip, first "use" the item to learn the tech, then go to the tech computer on your ship to lock the tech into 1 of the 4 tech slots available.They can also be created at any crafting station using three tech drives.

High Tech Chest 2

High-Tech Chest (3D Printer)


Using Tech consumes the player's energy. Some Tech found might be race-specific. Some Tech are abilities, while other tech can be vehicles or special weapons. More advanced tech can be found in later sectors in the game.

Some tech is virtually useless until the player has equipped high tier armor, which generally provide higher amounts of energy. A notable example of this is the Gravity Neutraliser....

List of TechEdit

Tech name Image Usage
Energy Dash Energy Dash Double tap "a" or "d" to quickly dash in the associated direction. (Can be used consecutively in mid-air to "fly".)
Pulse Jump Pulse Jump Press jump in mid-air to perform a second jump using a pulse of energy.
Mechs Mech Spawns a Controllable mech armed with machine guns that is controlled by the player. (Machine guns currently aren't very powerful past level 3 planets.) Press F to toggle.
Butterfly Boost ButterflyTech Gives the player a boost in any direction with the help of butterflies. (Requires equipment with higher energy regeneration for extended use due to the high energy consumption.)

Rocket Jump

Rocket Launches the player high into the air making it easier to reach high locations. [Use with caution!] (The player is still affected by fall damage.)
Bubble Boost Allows the player to boost his movement with bubbles, essentially allowing short term flight. Press and hold space while in the air to use this.
Gravity Neutraliser Gravity Natu Allows the player to turn off gravity for themselves briefly.
Morphball Morph ball Turns the player into a ball. Also allows the player to drop bombs which can also damage terrain.
Skyrail Rider Pulse Jump Creates a skyrail harness on the player that allows connection to and traversal of skyrails. Press F to toggle.
Gravity Bubble Grave Bub Press Jump while in the air to use this Gravity Bubble tech.
Targeted Blink Targeted Blink Selected Press F to teleport to your mouse cursor with this Targeted Blink tech.
Random Blink Press F to teleport to any random location surrounding the player.
Automobile Spawn a fast-moving land vehicle.