The 2-stop Teleshop, where players can buy/craft teleporters.

The teleporter is a transportation device in Starbound. A player can use these teleporters for extremely fast access to important locations, provided that a teleporter is placed somewhere on the planet. Various teleporter varieties can be bought from the 2-stop Teleshop, found in the Outpost. All teleporters cost 3,000 Pixels and one Teleporter Core. If you do not have a core, one can be bought at the shop for 10,000 pixels. The shop contains various looks of teleporters to buy so that you can blend in with your home/location where you put the teleporter.

On first use of a teleporter (such as the one shown in the picture to the right by the shop), you are asked to name the teleporter, for reference as to which teleporter this is. The default for the shop is "Outpost."

After naming a teleporter, it can be used to transport the character to any other teleporter (including the ship's teleporter). This provides for extremely fast access to important planets (such as a storage base or large-scale construction planet) when you need to transport items, or just plain forgot something in your travels.

An extremely important note (mentioned in each of the teleporters' descriptions) is that you will not be able to recover teleporters after you destroy them. This means you should choose very carefully in where you are putting your teleporters, or you will end up buying a new one.

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