by Greenfinger of the Florans
Ever since our two species came
together, the Glitch have been
a source of intrigue for me. The
Hivemind Glitch remind me of our
people in many ways; singularly
driven, focus on teamwork. And
yet the Florans work as a unit
through choice, but the Glitch
appear connected to some kind
of central mainframe. A sentient
AI, perhaps? Or something else.
The truth has been lost to
history. Nonetheless, it is
remarkable to consider that in
this way, the Florans far
outmatch the Glitch in terms of
societal advancement.

It is the Outcasts who interest
me most. Many of these free-
thinking Glitch have come into
our midst. Their physiology
means they have little to fear
from the Florans, but there is
more than that. There is an
affinity between the two
species, of which there is no

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