The Kluex Delusion 5 is a codex entry and can be found in bookcases on Avian airships or in villages.

Codex Entry Edit

by Rochard Hawkwings

I was visited by the Stargazers themselves. They have heard of me, my work. And so, to, has Kluex. I was summoned.

Let me just say I was wrong. I have been wrong this whole time. I am a fool and a rogue. Glory to Kluex. I have gazed upon our Sunborn lord with my own eyes, and I know now the truth. Grounded, it is not too late! Repent, come back to the flock. Kluex will forgive you. Do not doubt his power.

Now, I need to deal with that whole Big Ape things I may have kicked off. My Apex contacts report that he's been training exceptionally hard for some kind of boxing match...

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